Established in 1982 to meet the increasing need and demand of quality packaging, paper packaging and printing, PT. Sinar Jatimulia Gemilang produces a wide variety of packaging.  including bottle crates, high quality plastic containers, food-grade wrapping paper and fine rotogravure printed products for marketing in Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

Create with truly dedication

Sinar Jatimulia Gemilang, which undertakes continuous business expansion has been a reputation as a major industry player through its intensive research and development and cutting-edge production technologies which are carefully handled and monitored by a dedicated team of experts to ensure the consistent hygienic production environment that guarantees product safety for consumers. We are creating all with dedication.

Our business standard

The company run on the right track, in accordance with the standards that apply in the world of packaging industry. The company has received a number of certifications and awards, including BRC Certification / Global Standards for packaging.

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Latest News


SJGPACK continues Corporate Social Responsibility on Sunday, 14/04/2021 with a proper education program for child scavengers at TPS Bantar Gebang. We joined of a community that strives to provide decent and affordable education at the SPS Mandiri Al Ikhlas school. There are more than 30 children who study every day in the class, such as learning to draw, write and read.[…]


SJG has been appointed on may 2020 as one of Danone Partner in industrial Packaging product, Company will support Danone for bottle Crates especially for premium market […]



On 5/5/2020, Since COVID 19 virus outbreak and became a world pandemic, Many of people has to changes the way of lifestyles especially hygienic lifestyles. The government finally made a policy with large-scale social restrictions or (PSBB) to break the chain of the spread of the corona virus. As a result, many residents and small shops are affected by their economic activities […]


Thinking outside the box

The packaging sector features extremely aggressive pricing, and many people believe that the best way to survive is by using cheap production plants. But the opposite is the case. Indonesian packaging specialist PT Sinar Jatimulia Gemilang, is going against the grain and prefers Swiss quality machines and molds. […]

Quality Packaging Commitment with Mondelez International

Wednesday 29/08/2019 at  Mondelez International Indonesia Head Quarter Jakarta, Delegation from PT. SJG attended the Quality Supplier Workshop. Lia Hartati Sinaga from Marketing Dept and Vina Kartika Utoyo from the Management Representative attended the meeting agenda to discuss further about Product Quality. SJG has been appointed as a Mondelez preferred vendor since 2013 for Mini Oreo products. […]

SJG Received Best Grade BRC Packaging Certification

Bekasi 01/09/2019, SJG received an award of BRC certification for packaging with grade A. The BRC packaging certification was the highest in its level. This is our commitment to produce high quality and hygienic packaging products, starting from the selection of raw materials, the production process, to delivery to our customers.[…] 


On Desaru Coast, Malaysia , 15 & 16 October 2019,. The SJG team participated in the meeting initiated by HAVI. There are many packaging suppliers in attendance, from ASEAN and the Middle East. We ourselves are suppliers of cutlery (spoon, fork & knife). This event aims to share about how the Mc.donald’s  brand packaging in the future, amid many countries that prohibit the use of plastic. […]


SJG attended APCI/Indonesian Paint Producer Association year summit

 SJG participated in APCI/Asosiasi Produsen Cat Indonesia first Annual Meeting as one of the sponsor on 14 November 2019 in Holiday Inn Hotel Jakarta. APCI was one of important party that has member more than 130 Indonesian paint company, this was first Association meeting where as opened by Indonesia industrial Ministry To encourage growth of Industry. […]

SJG prepares to face COVID-19​

Associated with the progress of the Covid- 19 pandemic in the world, especially Indonesia. SJG places great importance on the safety and health of our employees. For prevention and treatment, we follow the direction of the government to conduct social distancing by implementing WORK FROM HOME on structural employees to avoid spreading the virus. […]